Spring Pressure Washing

Why is Pressure Washing Good For Businesses?
March 13, 2017


Moisture, cold, rain and frost have all taken their toll on exterior walls and driveways this winter. Leaving dirty patches and stains behind, the weather hasn’t been great for commercial or domestic properties alike. But don’t worry, the Spring is the perfect time of year for pressure washing. Here at Ainscough Powerwashing, we are pressure washing experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to Spring pressure washing.
Winter damage
Pressure washing will get rid of the black stains and the unsightly marks left by bad weather this winter. Whether its your driveway or your external walls, nobody wants their home looking dirty. This is even more important for businesses to maintain their curb appeal. But this isn’t the only reason why you should think about Spring pressure washing.


  • Mould, moss, and algae- These build up even more in the damp wintery conditions that we often experience. Pressure washing can destroy these, and in doing so, brighten up your property, whether its commercial or domestic.
  • Repairs- Winter weather creates a lot of destruction and damage. From tiles and guttering to cracks and chips. However, if your property is still covered in a layer of winter grime, these areas of damage can be hard to spot. Pressure washing your property can help you check it for weather damage, and make any repairs earlier, rather than later.


Spring weather
The time of year you choose for pressure washing is essential for lasting success. Pressure washing in winter can lead to more frost damage, while autumn leaves can leave dirt on your driveway from decomposition. Spring, with the milder temperature, and the first signs of sunshine, is actually a great time of year to pressure wash. It also means that your property will stay looking smart and shiny for the rest of the year.
In summary

Pressure washing can remove the winter damage, and reveal areas necessary for repair. In addition, Spring pressure washing can brighten up your home or business for the entire year. For all your pressure washing queries and advice, or to arrange a booking, contact us at C and C Cleaning today.