Different Types of Power Washers!

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March 13, 2017


Different Types of Power Washers!
There are two main power washers on the market today and the trick is to see which is best suited to you and your needs. These types are:
  • Hot water
  • Cold water
It is always good to know what you intend to use it for, where you intend to use it and how often you intend to use it as well. The tips below we help you determine which power washer is the best one for you!
Cold Water
These are the most popular, since they are much easier to manufacture and a lot more convenient to use. These are made typically more for consumers rather than contractors and professionals, but professional models are available. They come in two units:
  • Gas Engine – They are generally louder and can produce exhaust fumes which leads to pollution. Despite this, they are more portable and can be used away from any electrical outlet. These features make it the best for outdoor use.
  • Electric Engine – They are noted as being quieter and fume free, however, their power is limited, despite this, they are still well suited for indoor and outdoor use such as on windows, cars and painted surfaces.
They are both viable depending on their application.
Hot Water
Many hot water power washers have a lot of advantages over cold water ones:
  • Can reach a temperature of 311 degrees, this allows your surfaces to be cleaned more efficiently.
  • Better at removing grease and oil, this also means less detergent is needed.
  • Drying time is significantly shorter as the temperature is already close to boiling point, which helps it evaporate faster.
  • More effective at killing germs and bacteria, including mould as well.
It can be a tough decision to make but as long as you pick one that is the best for you, you’ll have no problem!