Decking Cleaning, Preston, Lancashire.

Many properties today whether commercial or domestic have some style of decking, with wooden decking cleaning in particular being very popular. Decking is very fashionable and likely always will be but it’s also something that as to be cleaned and maintained to ensure it always looks its best.

Our amazing decking power washing service is ideal for decking of all kinds and will be sure to remove dirt, weeds and grime. Whether it is a commercial or a domestic property our amazing team can be sure to perform a professional power washing service that will leave your decking looking brand new.

You might be thinking that, I can simply wash my decking myself so I don’t really need power washing, do I? Decking washing is actually much more difficult than you likely think, don’t expect to get very far with just a bucket of water and a sponge. There’s also the dangers to think about because decking is very slippery when wet.

So you really need expert hands to ensure any decking washing is done safely, you also have to think about the decking itself. Decking can also easily be damaged and tarnished if not properly washed, wooden decking in particular needs expert care during cleaning to ensure it isn’t damaged.

But with our power washing service we don’t just remove dirt, grime and weeds we also use professional oils and polishes to help treat the wood or other decking to ensure it always looks natural and as an extra layer of protection. Please contact us.

decking cleaning

Services We Offer

Our Services Include:

  • Powerful Pressure Cleaning.
  • Extensive Driveway Cleaning.
  • Patio/ Decking Cleaning.
  • Stone and Block paving Cleaning.
  • Indian Stone Paving Clenaing
  • Imprinted Concrete and Brick Cleaning
  • Limestone and Sandstone Cleaning
  • Moss, Algae and Weed Removal
  • Roof and Gutter Cleaning
  • UPVC Cleaning
  • Drain Cleaning and Unblocking
  • Conservatory Roof Cleaning
  • Graffiti Removal Cleaning
  • General Wall and Surface Washing
  • Professional Work Guaranteed

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